Google Celebrating Jorge Luis Borges 112th Birthday - Google Logo

Google Celebrating 112th Birthday of Jorge Luis Borges as on 24th August, 2011 as Google Doodle Logo at their home page.

Jorge Luis Borges was born in an educated middle-class family in August 1899. Borges's 1929 book Cuaderno San Martín includes the poem "Isidoro Acevedo," commemorating his grandfather, Isidoro de Acevedo Laprida, a soldier of the Buenos Aires Army. A descendant of the Argentine lawyer and politician Francisco Narciso de Laprida, Acevedo fought in the battles of Cepeda in 1859, Pavón in 1861, and Los Corrales in 1880. Isidoro de Acevedo Laprida died of pulmonary congestion in the house where his grandson Jorge Luis Borges was born. Borges grew up hearing about the faded family glory. On the other side, Borges's father, Jorge Guillermo Borges Haslam, was part Spanish, part Portuguese, and half English, also the son of a colonel. Borges Haslam, whose mother was English, grew up speaking English at home, and took his own family frequently to Europe. England and English pervaded the family home.

Jorge Luis Borges: From Wikipedia

Jorge Luis Borges

Borges in 1951, by Grete Stern
Born Jorge Francisco Isidoro Luis Borges Acevedo
24 August 1899
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Died 14 June 1986 (aged 86)
Geneva, Switzerland
Occupation Writer, poet, critic, librarian
Language Spanish

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