Google PRV (Page Rank Value) Update - 26th October 2007

Finally much awaited Google PRV update is complete. Every one in SEO feild was waited much & created hype for this PR update. Some has been awarded & many of them gone down in their credibility according to Google Backlink Score Software (Page Rank Value).

I was also waiting for this update to see how my blogs & website are going to score this time. It was almost 3 months I was waiting for Google PR update, but at the end all of mine efforts have been paid out by Google.

Also there is an talk in Search Industry that Google PR doesn't stands now a days. For you guys I can say it's the backbone of Google success, which leds Google search results so meaningful only because of this backlink scoring software (aka PRV). How important Page Rank (PRV) is for your website. Not very important, but it also had major share in offering Google rankings. You can get indepth about Google PR from official google source Mattcutts Blog.

PageRank™ (PR)
PageRank is Google’s ranking software that calculates the relevance of a webpage to the search keywords entered. The software analyses both the number of incoming links and the ‘quality’ of the referring webpage to generate a relative measurement between 0 (low-relevance) and 10 (high-relevance). (The ‘quality’ of the referring webpage is an abstract measure of how authoritative it is on the subject matter.)

Improved Page Rank for my website & blogs:
I had seen very strict steps taken from Google for October 2007 PR Updates. Luckily Google has paid for my hardwork by giving good page rank value for my blogs. - PRV increased from Zero(0) to 3. - PRV increased from 5 to 6. - PRV increased from 1 to 2. - PRV increased from Zero(0) to 2. - PRV increased from Zero(0) to 2. PRV increased from Zero(0) to 2. - PRV increased from Zero(0) to 2.

I am waiting to see some more changes.