Introducing Google Voice Search for your Mobile & Desktop PC

Introducing Voice Search Now on your Computer & Mobile

On 14th June 2011, Google announced at their Inside Google Search Event that they would start to roll out Voice Search on during the coming days, which they had rolled out recently and is available for all US user's to experience search with voice using their smartphones or at desktop via Google Chrome.

It’s easy to search out loud. All you need is Google Chrome and a built-in or attached microphone.

Google Voice Search on - Download Google Chrome

Get Voice Search app, download Google Search app to your smartphone to search fast. - Visit this URL in your phone's browser

Search Out Loud with Voice Search

About Google Voice Search
Google Voice Search is a tool from Google Labs that allowed someone to use their phone to make a Google query. After the user called (650) 623-6706, the number of Google Voice's search system, they would wait for the words Say your Search Keywords and then say the keywords. Next, they would either wait to have the page updated, or click on a link to bring up the search page the user requested. At the moment, both the demo of this service and the page have been shut down. Since the introduction of the service, products from Google, such as GOOG-411, Google Maps and Google Mobile App, have been developed to use speech recognition technology in various ways!

Along with Voice Search you can also do a Search by Image at

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