Mount Everest Ascent Logo - Google celebrate 55th anniversary of Mount Everest Ascent

Mount Everest Ascent Logo - Google celebrate 55th anniversary of Mount Everest Ascent

Here comes the Google latest Logo "First Mount Everest Ascent" as on 29th May 2008.
Google celebrates the 55th anniversary of Sir Edmund Hillary by displaying special "Mount Everest Ascent Logo"on Google's Homepage.

Mount Everest was first climbed in 1953 by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, the 8,848-meter (29,028-foot) mountain has been conquered more than 3,000 times.
About Sir Edmund Hillary:-
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sir Edmund Percival Hillary, KG, ONZ, KBE (20 July 191911 January 2008) was a New Zealand mountaineer and explorer. On 29 May 1953 at the age of 33, he and Sherpa mountaineer Tenzing Norgay became the first climbers known to have reached the summit of Mount Everest. They were part of the ninth British expedition to Everest, led by John Hunt.

About Tenzing Norgay:-
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tenzing Norgay GM (May 1914May 9, 1986), often referred to as Sherpa Tenzing, was a Nepalese / Tibetan mountaineer. Near his 39th birthday on May 29, 1953, he and Sir Edmund Hillary were the first people known to have reached the summit of Mount Everest.

Continueing Google's new innovative way of displaying logo based on special event's for particular day. Previously we have seen Google honoring "Theodore Harold Maiman" & "Walter Gropius" adding to it we have now "Sir Edmund Hillary" logo's.

Waiting for Google Next Homepage Logo, who is going to make this time.

If you are not able to view this logo in your country, wait for it due to time zone difference it will take time.

Google Alerts – Enroll for Google Alerts & Stay Ahead from others.

Google Alerts – Enroll for Google Alerts & Stay Ahead from others

Most of you must be aware of Google Alerts. Google Alerts is service that lets you receive email notifications when new web sites appear in the top results for your query. You can get alerts for results from web search, blog search, Google Videos, Google News & Google Groups.

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I would say Google Alerts is very useful service for every one, if you explore it in effective way to get relevant results.

The greatest advantage of enrolling for Google alerts is that:
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Now you must be interested in knowing “How to create Google Alerts” – As like all other Google services, getting alerts is very simpler.

All you need is to visit Google Alerts Login Page and follow step by step instructions written as below:-

Screenshot of Google Alerts Login Page:

First Tab - “Search Terms” --> Enter your search terms out here that you want to follow.

For example: I am using Google Alerts to know on which Website/Blogs my name is been published, so I have given Search Terms – Afzal Khan, Afzee, Toprankseo (within “Quotes” to get the exact results) and few other combination of my blog name and key terms which I want to track.

Second Tab – “Type” -->It shows following drop down option. You can set your key phrases to get alerts from below channels (news search, blog search, web search, video & Google groups).

If you want to receive alerts, which combine the results from all Channels, select for “Comprehensive” which is also called as Universal Alert.
1. News
2. Blogs
3. Web
4. Video
5. Groups
6. Comprehensive

Third Tab – “How Often” --> There are 3 types of alerts, depending on how often you want to receive alerts, you can opt for any of them: -

1. As It Happens – instant alert.
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Fourth Tab – “Your Email” --> Enter your email id where you wish to receive alerts.

Click on Create Alert and you are all set to receive latest alerts. You can also manage all these alerts and can edit the properties as per your requirements. Note that Google's alerts only include the top results sorted by relevance.

You will receive alerts like this in your mailbox.

So now you are familiar with Google Alerts & its effectiveness. Want to explore more, visit Digital Inspiration Blog for more Google Alert Tips, which I found very useful.

Social Media Experiment - Twitter follow or Un follow by Sampad Swain

Social Media Experiment: How online behavior can reduce Twitter noise By Sampad Swain.

The post takes into account a online survey and analysis to understand 2 questions : Why people FOLLOW or UN-FOLLOW in twitter. Taking cues from the survey, Sampad has tried to understand how online behavior can be used to reduce the noise in twitter and hence increase signal/noise ratio.....Read more at

Some great insigth explained in a very simple manner & the question was: Why u *FOLLOW* or *Un-FOLLOW* someone in Twitter?

Methodology: Launched a survey on 19th May via tweets asking the same question. Till date got about 32 responses off 310/203 i.e. “Following/Followers” in Sampad Twitter profile through Twitter replies, direct messages (DM’s), emails and additional few responses came from other sources anonymously.

Findings & Conclusion
There is no doubt that there is a lot of noise in twitter due to spam messages, blog links, self-glorifying updates, blog marketing and many more ways. But from the figures above, it is very much clear that usable information will get Tweople following you whereas spam messages will put Tweople off.

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Google Displays Walter Gropius Building Logo - Walter Gropius Bauhaus Founder

On 16th May we have seen the "Google Laser Logo" and as of today 18th May 2008) Google is displaying Walter Gropius Building Logo on Google Search Engine Page to honor & celebrating 125th Birthday of the Great German architect, Walter Gropius.

It's intresting to check Google homepage daily and look for their logo's.

Google has started honoring & dispalying their Logo in a innovative way. On 16th May 2008 we saw "Google Laser Logo" to honor the invention of First Laser by Theodore Harold Maiman.

On 18th May 2008 Google is displaying nice architectured building logo to celebrate 125th Birthday of the Great German architect, Walter Gropius.

ABOUT Walter Gropius (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia):
Walter Adolph Georg Gropius (May 18, 1883July 5, 1969) was a German architect and founder of Bauhaus[1] who along with Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier, is widely regarded as one of the pioneering masters of modern architecture and buildings.

Personal information
Name: Walter Adolph Gropius
Nationality: German / American
Birth date: May 18, 1883(1883-05-18)
Birth place: Berlin, Germany
Date of death: July 5, 1969 (aged 86)
Place of death: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Work Practice Name:
Peter Behrens (1908–1910)
The Architects' Collaborative (1945–1969)

Walter Gropius (circa 1920). Photo by Louis Held.

Read more at Wikipedia

Bauhaus Building

Significant buildings:

Read more at Wikipedia

I am waiting to watch which Logo Google is going to display next.

Google Laser - Google New Logo

Have you seen the Google Search Engine Logo today. You might have seen it but yet not noticed it, yes it has been changed likewise Google always does so. Everytime when there is some special cause or events like Christmas, New Year, Mother's Day, Earth Day or many other Google and other search engine always change their Logo's.

This new logo is "Google First Laser Invention Logo"

What encouraged me & given thought to publish this post is something unique about this LOGO. Previously whenever Google has changed their logo it was always inline with there basic brand identity logo like below:-

Now if you compare it with all other Google Logo's till time they sticked to the above pattern. But this time they came up with "Google Laser Logo" which rejuvenate their Brand.

Have a look at it:-

Isn't it very different from previous Logo's. If google ask me to share my view's I would say it is not that much pleasing & remarkable in comparison to previous ones.

I tried to figure out Google's Message which they might want to convey by displaying this logo. It will be Google is like "Laser Rays" which is intense, coherent, directional and very pure to penetrate and can rule any Industry.

Or Google Search Engine is like that concentrates user search beheaviour into an intense, narrow results by using their Algorithm used to destroy other search engines & un-ehtical results.

But hey wait.....Does Google care for my view's :-)

Supportive Screenshot:

Google's Search Engine ScreenShot taken on 17th May 2008 at 01:05 am (GMT +5:30)

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Article Submitter Review

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