Apple iPad is now officially available in India

Good news to all iPad lover's in INDIA, Apple today has finally announced they started selling "iPad" to indian market. 

Apple will make the iPad available through its Apple Retail Store's in India, with 3G services from BSNL.

On Thursday BSNL has announced attractive data plans for Apple 3G iPad, BSNL is the first among other 3G service provider in India to have a deal with Apple.

BSNL is offering both prepaid and postpaid plans for iPad owners in India. Unlimited 3G usage costs Rs 999 per month in both prepaid and postpaid. Check out BSNL's official site for Apple iPad 3G data plans in India.

Below are cost of different storage capacity iPad in India, You can get more detail's at Apple Store in India.

iPad with Wi-Fi
Connect to the Internet wherever you can access a Wi-Fi hotspot. 16GB1

Rs. 27,900*

Rs. 32,900*

Rs. 37,900*
iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G
Connect to the Internet at Wi-Fi hotspots and over 3G networks when you’re on the go; 3G service sold separately.


Rs. 34,900*

Rs. 39,900*

Rs. 44,900*

Apple iPad price is somewhat higher in India comparing to iPad price in US & UK. 

However for iPad lover like me who haven't waited long and ordered for the Apple iPad after it's launch in USA. I ordered for my iPad (64 GB, 3G + Wi-Fi) on 20th August, 2010 last year and then shipped it to India which cost me somewhat higher at price to now available iPad price in INDIA. Along with Apple iPad I ordered for accessories including Apple iPad Case, iPad Keyboard Dock, Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit, iPad 10W USB Power Adapter & iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter.

Except Apple iPad case all other accessories are not of much use, especially the "iPad Keyboard Dock" it looks awesome, but believe me it's not of use at all. The in-built keyboard functionality in iPad is sufficient enough, you'll never feel necessity of attaching it to the external iPad Keyboard Dock...Rest all accessories depends on your use, better my suggestion would be first to get your iPad in hand use it for few months and order accessories later as per requirement:-)

I am using BSNL 3G normal SIM which I  converted into Micro SIM to be used with iPad. It's very easy to convert your normal SIM card to fit into iPad micro SIM card in-built slot. There's dozen of videos available at Youtube or you can watch this one Video.

Before cutting your SIM as Micro-SIM, don't forget to activate your SIM and use "BSNLNET" as the data provider in your iPad Settings to work with 3G. More details on how to activate your BSNL 3G SIM can be found here. Alternatively you can also order for Noosy Micro SIM cutter with SIM adapters which is available for Rs 500/- only at &

My Apple iPad picture's

I love playing with my iPad and can say it's kind of gadget whom you easily get into love play, work most of hour's with it. iPad is fantastic!

So when you planning to bring iPad your home, share your thoughts?

StumbleUpon Down - Busy Fixing Errors over Site 25th Jan, 2011

StumbleUpon is Down - StumbleUpon Busy Fixing Errors, site status as on 25th Jan, 2011

One of my all-time favorite StumbleUpon - a discovery engine that finds the best of the sites across web, for browsing various blogs, website, image, videos etc, seems to be experiencing downtime today morning.

StumbleUpon Home Screen Message below:-

Very rarely you'll find StumbleUpon down, I have not seen such outrage since last 2-3 years. I am not able submit, surf, suggest or bookmarking sites using StumbleUpon toolbar or by direct web access.

Is it only me facing StumbleUpon down or are you guys also experiencing the same? I hope the site will get up and working in next few hour's.

Meantime if you are not experiencing any problem surfing StumbleUpon site's, get connected with me at StumbleUpon Profile "Afzee @ StumbleUpon" and add me in your network. I'll be pleased to add you.