Twitter Profile over Google Sponsored Ad's

Have you seen any Sponsored Ad over Google for search term "Twitter", that too not for any website or blog was to follow Twitter Profile.

Great impressive to see people don't hesitate even investing money just to increase Twitter follower's count...or I can say good approach for Speaker's to build up reader's list, involve user and promote services to them. Overall Creative approach!

Google Search Screenshot for "Twitter"

Twitter Sponsered Ad over Google
Twitter Profile of Tammy Camp displaying paid advertisement.

Twitter Profile of Tammy Camp
Well I can't shell out money over Google Sponsored Ad's to increase my twitter follower's number. I am quite happy the way people love my tweet's and follow me. If you feel you can follow my tweet's at


Afzal Khan

Free Top 20 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools

Many times I receive email's from blog reader's (It includes many of SEO Experts too) about which SEO tools I use on for daily SEO analysis or question's like Please suggest best ways to boost their site/blog positions in Search Engines?

Which tool you use for Keyword research & analysis? Which SEO tool's you use for making site search engine friendly? How you find out Technical problems associated with website coding and their structure, Google page Rank, spider simulation, link popularity and the list goes on. There's a huge list of all such question in my mailbox!

I have assembled list of Top 20 free SEO tools available online which I'm sure you will love to jump now.

Here is the list of most useful Free SEO tools you can also use to optimize your website or blog. I have used and analyzed all of listed free SEO tools online.

Keyword Research & Analysis Tools - Keyword Finder
1. Free Keyword Suggestion Tool From Wordtracker
2. Free Keyword Suggestion Tool by
3. Free Keyword Suggestion Tool by Google Adwords

Link Checker, Link Analysis & Link Popularity Tools
4. W3C Link Checker tool
5. Free Reciprocal Link Checking Tool
6. Link Popularity Checker tool by
7. Backlink Anchor Text Analyzer tool

Server Side & Domain Analysis Tools
8. Domain Age Tool
9. IP Address Checker Tool
10. C-Class IP Analyzer Tool
11. Server Header Checker Tool
12. Search Engine Spider Simulator

Search Engine Rank Checker Tools
13. Free Firefox Rank Checker tool
14. Free Google Rank Checking tool
15. Google Page Rank(PRV) Checker tool

Traffic Analytic Tool
16. Google Analytics
17. Traffic Tracking Tool by
18. Search Engine Analysis Tool by

Robots.txt Creation Tools
19. Robots.txt Generator - SEO Tools

XML Sitemap Generator Tool
20. Online XML Sitemap Creator

SEO Toolbars
1. Free SEO Toolbaar by Aaron Wall
2. Rankquest SEO toolbar
3. SEO toolbar for IE & Mozilla Firefox by SeoQuake

Bonus Free SEO Tools
1. Google Webmaster Tool
2. Google Sitemap Generator
3. Free SEO Tools by
4. Duplicate Copy Finder by
5. Similar Page Checker tool by
6. Free SEO/SEM tools by
7. Free SEO Tools by

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Afzal Khan
Search Engine Marketing Professional