Happy Birthday Google Oops...Goog11e - Google is "Goog11e" on it's 11th Birthday

Happy Birthday Google Oops...Goog11e - Google is "Goog11e" on it's 11th Birthday

Don't get surprised by seeing Google logo as "Goog11e" at Google.com it's an special remark of Google successful 11 years from Google itself.
Google has replaced the "L" from Google logo as "11" i.e 11 Years for GOOGLE.

"Google Doodle - Goog11e Logo - Google 11th B'day"

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Search Google, Yahoo, Bing or Twitter Replies from your IM with "SBOT"

Do you want to check SERP's results without visiting Google.com, Yahoo.com & Bing.com or want to see your Twitter replies without opening all these search engine's and twitter site on your web-browser.

So here's a great tool which you can use to access multiple search engines right from Instant Messengers IM's like Google Talk (G-talk), Yahoo Messenger and MSN messenger. It's an IM search bot, called "SBot" built by Prashanth of TechBangalore and Saurabh Minni of 100rabh

"SBot" is a very handy and useful in terms of saving your loads of time, also it makes searching task lot easier by providing us with an option of not to struggle with multiple tab browser or hitting at Search Engine shortcuts on browser. On top 'SBot' is always available in IM to perform searches.

TopRankSEO Blog has got Facelift Surgery

Since we're now in "2009 mode", also I was receiving request from many of TopRankSEO Blog user's to have some changes over Blog.

Somehow I also experienced that the old blog template was messy, code was cluttering, taking huge loading time and were not Web 2.0 compatible. For choosing new blog template, having all of the blog feature's which I was expecting was quite tough. 

Since from last 3-4 days I had downloaded more than 20 templates made enough changes in template codes and features and tried them out, finally landed to current blog theme courtesy Btemplates.com.  Free Blogger Templates for your Blog. Blogger Templates for free and direct download in xml.