Google Sitelinks Update - New Google Interface for WebSite Sitelinks at Google

It's morning and I guess not many of power Google user's has noticed that Google rolled out a new Sitelink features which I just now observed. Also I am not sure does it being rolled out to all Google data-center's or as always Google trying out at few and later make it universal. To confirm this new Google Sitelink's feature I checked with Official Google Blog & Official Google Webmaster Central Blog, but there's no news yet in this regard. (Update 0n 08/16/2011: Official Google Blog: The evolution of sitelinks: expanded and improved) - Google Sitelinks

Well you must have noticed earlier for Sitelinks Google only show's few important internal webpages (also known as Sitelinks) at organic SERP's if a user search for any Domain at Google( name with or without domain extension ( or Simply Domain Name as AfzalKhan) as shown at image-1( Google Sitelinks) with Old Sitelinks pattern.

What's New now with Google Sitelinks

Google is now showing website's sitelinks with Title (H1 tag in some cases), meta description and the landing page URL as shown in image-2 ( Google Sitelinks) which were missing at the old sitelinks preview (Google used to show only Anchor Text hyperlinked) Google sitelinks - New Preview

What will its affect on Organic Traffic? - While it's still early to judge its impact but I noticed significant increase in Google traffic for my site since yesterday, the increase in Google Organic traffic is almost 20-30% comparing my daily blog traffic. It's a welcome change from my site being a SEO along with many other changes due from Google including infinite scrolling at SERP's for organic searches too like Google Image Searches. I've read on many forum's Google is experimenting & testing out loads of new feature's since after launching Google +1 which they will merge all together to offer a better user experience.

Finger's crossed expecting few more changes in next coming days which might affect Search Engine Optimization strategies, website organic rankings & traffic.

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