Creative Advertisement - Funny Ad for Departmental Store Job

Hey Folks,

Well you will find this Blog post bit unusual out here, but what to Do, I was so inspired by this Advertisement, couldn't restrict myself to publish it..

Yesterday I went for shopping and found this Funny yet creative Job Description Ad.

I thought it would be great to share with you all readers. I found this Recruitment Ad very creative and innovative.

This kind of advertisement makes sense, at least this Ad is grabbing attention and bringing customer's to visit their Retail Store. I must say, very Creative way to promote your services.

Here is what they are looking for, If you feel you are most suitable candidate for this Job Positions, let me know!

You will be part of this Store without any interview, what they want is Attitude and Passion to be part of such a fabulous Store :-)

Creative Advertisement Idea


Afzal Khan

Gmail on Android, T-Mobile G1 Pictures from Google Official Gmail Blog

Access Gmail on Android Platform, G1 phone from GOOGLE.

The first Android-powered phone, the T-Mobile G1, is coming out on Wednesday i.e 22nd Oct, 2008.

Below is the sneak peak of Gmail application, how it will run on Android platform. If you like using Gmail on your computer you'll feel very much at ease with Gmail on Android-powered phones. You can download documents and MP3s, manage and view labels, star and archive messages, save drafts and even report

A sneak peek at Gmail on Android
Gmail Contacts on Google Android G1 Phone - T-Mobile

A sneak peek at Gmail on Android
To learn more about Gmail on the world's first Android-powered phone, check out Google's Mobile blog post, the Gmail page, or visit to get complete details Official Gmail Blog: A sneak peek at Gmail on Android

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Afzal Khan
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Yahoo Search in a New Avatar - Yahoo Got a New Look

Yahoo Search has a got a all new look. Yahoo has tried to make it's Search Home page UI similar to like what Google keeping it Simple with white background.