Google's New Search Options & How You can use It: Google's 2nd Searchology Event 2009

Google's New Search Options & How You can use It: No Wonder when GOOGLE add new feature's or announce any new product, it reflects on whole Online community.

Yesterday on 12th May 2009, Google had their second Searchology event where Marissa Mayer, Vice President of Search Products and User Experience, announced new features they have made in search. Prior in Google 1st Searchology Event, Google introduced the Universal Search and Personalized Search a feature that blended results of different types (web pages, images, videos, books, etc.) on the results page.

Google Search Options:- You will find "Show Options" link at top when you will search at Google as shown in image below.

Google Search Options
On clicking "Show Options" it will offer you lotz of option to refine your search based on:

SEO Expert - Afzal Khan› All results

› Any time
Recent results
Past 24 hours
Past week
Past year

› Standard results
Images from the page
More text

› Standard view
Related searches
Wonder Wheel

Check out a "Google Search Option" video tour:

Official Google Blog: More Search Options and other updates from our Searchology event


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