Mary Cassatt - Google Displays Mary Cassatt Logo, Mary Cassatt's Birthday

Mary Cassatt - Google Displays Mary Cassatt Logo, Mary Cassatt's Birthday 22nd May, 2009

Google Celebrates Mary Cassatt birthday and displays it at search home page as on 22nd May, 2009. Google new logo to celebrate Mary Cassatt's Birthday.

Mary Stevenson Cassatt Profile Information & Picture Source Wikipedia
Mary Cassatt

Self-portrait by Mary Cassatt, c. 1878, gouache on paper, 23 5/8 x 16 3/16 in., Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Birth name Mary Stevenson Cassatt
Born May 22, 1844(1844-05-22)
Allegheny City, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Died June 14, 1926 (aged 82)
Château de Beaufresne, near Paris, France
Nationality American
Field Painting
Training Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Jean-Léon Gérôme, Charles Chaplin, Thomas Couture
Movement Impressionism

Mary Stevenson Cassatt (May 22, 1844 – June 14, 1926) (pronounced [kəˈsæt]) was an American painter and printmaker. She lived much of her adult life in France, where she first befriended Edgar Degas and later exhibited among the Impressionists.

Cassatt often created images of the social and private lives of women, with particular emphasis on the intimate bonds between mothers and children.

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Paul Smith said...

I saw your post on Mary Cassatt too - she truly is one of the world's greatest impressionist artists. I wasn't happy with the google logo version though. The sentiment to recognize her is good but, google mucked up her style with cartoony brush strokes that leave people new to her genius the wrong "impression" :o) I did like the Mondrian google logo awhile back.
My digg, "Google logo diminishes Mary Cassatt May 22, 2009" links to their version and one of my own:
If you have time, let me know what you think.