Difference between White Hat SEO & Black Hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

I knew it's out of the box topic, but it will be a good learning for webmaster's and people jumped newly into SEO sea, so what's the difference between White Hat and Black Hat SEO. I thought it will be good to share with all TopRankSEO blog readers on what exactly is the difference between White Hat SEO practices and Black Hat SEO practice.

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Well being myself in Search Engine Optimization industry from last 8-9 year's I am very well versed and aware of it, but it will be interesting read to all those who are fascinated about SEO and learning Search Engine Optimization techniques.

Basically Black Hat SEO's are those who works and implement SEO strategies which are against Search Engine guidelines and rules.

The sole purpose of Black Hat's is to gain instant Search Engine rankings and traffic using manipulative methods, using shady SEO techniques which are  against of Search Engine's (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc) Terms of service.

As name says, Black hat they are involved in all such shady SEO techniques which will definitely lead on to banned website completely from Search Engine's organic or free listings.

Black Hat SEO techniques includes, keyword spamming and stuffing withing a webpage, using invisible text hiding keywords within a webpage from user's intentionally done to boost rankings only, creating doorway page's, getting huge amount of invaluable or spammy links, copying content from other site's are few Black Hat SEO techniques.

While a White Hat SEO practitioner does everything in compliance with search engine guidelines. White Hat SEO's are also known as Ethical SEO's who implement everything legally in a ethical and right way. With White Hat SEO's you or your site is 100% safe from all such manipulative SEO practices. You can rely on White Hat SEO's but doing SEO organically is long term investment.

If you are serious about your online business and never wanted to loose your website credibility among Search Engine's hire and work with White Hat SEO Expert or SEO Company or Ethical SEO's only.

Here's the video of SEO industry leader Bruce Clay of BruceClay.com who discusses the difference between Black Hat (Un-ethical) and White Hat (Ethical) SEO experts. This video interview was conducted by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson Web Marketing Today at the PubCon Conference in Las Vegas, November 2008.

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