Google Introduces New Search Feature to SERP's - Displaying Forum Posts & Discussions Related to Search

Google's Johanna Wright, Director of Product Management today announced a new feature which Google will show at their regular Search Engine Results Page's (SERP's). This new search feature will include and show the forum postings and discussion related to what user is searching for along with the usual organic results to serve user with helpful information.

This new addition to Google search results applies to sites that tend to have a large number of posts on a specific topic. When several different discussions on a site are relevant to search query, Google indent them under the primary result and include the date of each post.

Let's say if we search for "google head office" you will see various details from that forums or discussion board topics including Title of that topics, latest post date, number of posts, and a list of relevant discussions.

According to Google, we hope this feature gives you a deeper view into the relevant content available on sites throughout the web — even when that content spans multiple pages or discussions. At the same time, the main search results are diverse as always — so if you can't pinpoint a useful comment there's a list of relevant sites there to help.

Google seem's now a days interested to add more links on the search engine result pages from various sources, Google's forum and discussion links is latest addition. More information on Google New Search Feature out here Official Google Blog: Surfacing forum posts in search results