Google New Blog Search tools: Feeds, Hot Queries & Latest Posts

Last week Google was busy launching series of new products almost for it's every verticals. It was the week of cool new products and features made public by Google for online user's.

So here it goes....

1. Google Blog Search - Google added the most requested feature: RSS and Atom feeds to Google blog search. You can now subscribe to articles or news of your interest. It's very simple to subscribe to Topics of your interest, Simply click on the links under "Subscribe" in the left-hand column of the Blog Search front page to subscribe to any topic or story in any feed reader, like Google Reader.

2. Youtube - Google has added YouTube Promoted Videos to promote your videos about business or any other service offerings. Learn more about this new conversion feature of by visiting the recently launched YouTube Biz Blog. To start using Promoted Videos today, visit Also Youtube has increased the video upload size to 2GB.

3. Google Ad Planner - Ad planner has got a new look. You can now find sites and manage your media plans even faster with the redesigned Google Ad Planner interface. Visit to check out our new look and to find out more information about Google Ad Planner.

There has been more updates from Google. Nathania Johnson has already accumulated all Google updates together in one big post. 8 Google Updates: RSS for Blog Search, Increased Upload Size for YouTube and More

Official Google Blog: New Blog Search tools: Feeds, Hot Queries and Latest Posts

I hope you all will take advantage of new feautures and products made available to all of us by GOOGLE.


Afzal Khan


Anonymous said...

Nice tips!
I think Google introduced many extra things to save our time like history map and picture customize etc
Keep going