Keyword Advice - on keyword research and identification, keyword placement

By Thomson Chemmanoor Website:

Keyword Identification is one of the most important part in a SEO
process. Keywords are the doors and windows for search engine
traffic. Surfers and information seekers through out the world use
internet via keyword to find information on any products or
services. These set of keyword phrases are vital for your search
engine placement.

Keyword Identification is the first step while creating your content
for your site. Identify keyword related to your niche topics should
be the first priority while creating web content. The quality of
these keywords is critical for a good ranking in search engines.
Researching the right keywords for your website should be the key,
so that when people perform a search for a particular keyword phrase
they will be able to find your site. So how do you do that will be
the questions in everybody's mind. I have categories this article
into 3 phrases like keyword research or keyword identification,
keyword selection, keyword placement, keyword density, keyword
ranking and keyword marketing.

Before I would go further I would like to discuss about building
your website for your business you should focus on certain other SEO
strategies like clean navigation, a search engine friendly website
architecture so that search engine spiders or robots can easily
gather information from your website.

Once your site structure is done it is time to create the content
for the site, which is the crucial part and where they keyword
research, keyword density comes into play. If you follow these steps
which I have mentioned below it is sure that your website can enjoy
a higher ranking in search engines.

Step 1
Keyword Identification or keyword research:- This should be first
step while building your content, because your content will be build
around with the keyword and phrases which has been identified at
this stage. Which is very critical and if not done correctly you
won't achieve the desired results. There are different ways to
identify how people search on the web.
1) Think about what keyword would you chooses while you search for
certain products or services. Think from the customer point of view
and not from search engine or SEO point of view. Collect and write
it down. I suggest using a spreadsheet so that it will help you in
the stages as well.
2) The other way is you can ask your own customers or friends that
how do they search on the net to find that particular products or
services. Usually all people think differently and might not use the
same keyword phrase to find that product or services. Collect them
and store it.
3) Keyword suggestion tools. There are 100's of tools on the web
some of them are free and other charge a fee. I suggest using
Overture keyword tool and Google keyword tool (free) and
wordtracker (paid). Type in your keyword and phrases into these
tools you will find 100's of keywords for that particular products
or services is been search on the web every month. Also it will show
how many times that words are been searched on the internet. Tools
like wordtracker will help you to find that how many times these
keywords are been searched and how much competition is there for
that particular keyword phrases. If you focus on high searched
keyword it would be hard for your website to rank well because of
competition. So always choose a keywords that is less competitive,
so that you website will rank well for that particular keyword
phrase on the search engine results.
4) The other way is if you have already had a website online check
its web log and gather that keywords which helps people to find your
site. This will help for existing website to recreate the content.

After these steps are done use your spreadsheet to determine the
keywords It is ideal to have more keywords rather than focusing on a
few words. In that spreadsheet matches the following keyword in
terms like how many times the keywords are searched and how much
competition is that keyword facing on the web. As I said before
always choose less competitive keywords. Once these stage is over
start constructing your website content with the identified


Step 2 Keyword placement:-Placing the keyword is very crucial,
because if the keywords are not place properly the search engine
spiders will have a difficult time in identify and storing
information from your web pages. You most important keyword should
appear on the title of the page at least once which all search
engine given relevancy. Next the same or related keyword should be
there on the heading of the page. Also use a related keyword while
starting a paragraph and through out the web page evenly. The
density factor is discussed below.

Step 2
Keyword density:- Search engine robots are very intelligent spiders
they can determine while some tries to cheat them. Some webmasters
and SEO experts use keyword spamming or keyword dumping which is
ethical for a good search engine optimization. If search engine
spiders indexes a web pages it determine who much times that
keywords has been used on a particular web page. So Keyword density
is important. An ideal density would be anything between 10-15 %
keyword densities on the page. Also use keywords which are related
to that phrase so that it gets relevancy for that web page.For
example When I search for a keyword "dog supplies" I found 100 of
related terms which like "dog supplies online" "dog supply store"
etc so think and figure out keywords which are more related to that
topic. Also Sprinkle the keywords phrases right across the web page
and not concentrate at a certain place.

At this stage you website content should be ready keep in mind with
the 3 top priority factors. This will determine your website success
or failure in search engine. The next stage is keyword marketing.

Keyword marketing:- Some of the techniques you will use as a off
site factor rather than on the side, because it affects only the
marketing process. As you all know all search engines give links
more relevancies in the algorithm. So after your keyword
identification, density and placement are over you should focus on
marketing your site. Like site submission, article submission, link
popularity while all these techniques are for increasing inbound
links to your site. So you would be using your anchor text for
creating a link pointing to your site. So here is where keyword
marketing comes to play. You should use your key important phrase in
these anchor text also mix up your related keywords. Keyword
marketing is also vital for Pay per click marketing where keyword is
the king. So gather keywords related to your business and use it
widely in your PPC campaign. Pay per click industry is solely
depends on keyword marketing. If you website want the maximum ROI
(return of Investment) you will have to apply the maximum keywords
while bidding your keywords. For example your website visibility
will increase if you choose maximum keyword for your Pay per click

The bottom-line is to gain a high ranking in search engine use
keyword which is related to your business on your onsite and offsite
website marketing. Keyword is the king when it comes to content and
content is the king when it comes to Search Engine Marketing.