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On Tuesday, July 29, 2008 - I written the post of complaining Google Algorithm for downfall in my personal website rankings. Till date to my experience in SEO industry I have not faced such fatal losening in rankings for any website either mine or my client's or my organisation in any Google Updates.

As shared I was also surprised of experiencing such beheavior from Search Engines (Google - for me Google is only SE which I concentrate on) and sudden fall in rankings. But I knew I am Google SEO Expert :-)

So good news is that - I got all of my rankings back in Google in just 2 days. Now what was the mistake which committed due to which all of my 6 month SEO work (for my personal website) in achieving rankings went off was.......I made the mistake at server end during my monthly maintenace, Since my website was down for 1 day Google Spider re-visited and index all those dead URL's which were accidently not available to them (due to 404 error). Just because of getting error from my hosting server (due to un-availibilty of webpages, Google has penalised me by throwing my website URL out of their SERP's.

Thank God, it was for 2 days only or you can say I messed up myself in finding the fault and error to my website code structure.

Today again, I checked for the google spider and found I figured out the loop hole and the error has been fixed.

Yippi Google spider has again indexed my site few hours ago, and all the rankings which I had lost are back on track with Bang!

Still it's a long way to go, but for few of my main keywords my website is againg showing at Number -1 positions in, UK & Universal) & (India)

Google SEO Expert(s) - 2nd & 9th Position in Google for Blog
Organic SEO Expert(s) - 3rd & 8th Position in Google for Blog
SEO/SEM Expert(s) - 1st Position in Google for website
Internet Marketing Professional(s) - 8th Position in Google for website
Online Marketing Expert(s) - 10th Position in Google for website
Professional Indian Blogger - 9th Position in Google for my website & 1st,2nd,3rd & 7th Positions for my Blogs.
Search Marketing Professional(s) - 7th & 8th Position in Google for website
SEM Expert(s) - 3rd & 5th Positions in Google for website
Ethical SEO Expert(s) - 3rd & 7th Position in Google for my Blog
Freelancer SEM Expert(s) - 1st Position in Google for website
Freelancer SEO Experts - 8th Position in Google for website
Search Engine Optimization Blog India - 1st Position in Google for Blog
SEO Blogs India - 8th Position in Google for Blog
SEO Experts Resumes - 2nd Position in Google for Blog
SEM Expert Resume - Top 6 Position for my website & blog in Google
SEO Consultants Resume - 1st Position in Google for Blog.
Effective Business Blog Marketing - 1st Position in Google for Blog.

There are about more than 100 keywords for which my personal website and Blogs are ranking in top 10 positions and for many in Top-30 positions, but I believe in getting ranked in top-10 positions & if possible to be at Number-1 position only.

I know any one can achieve such rankings if they apply SEO practices in a ethical & honest way, with some patience coz Search Engine Optimization (SEO) demands patience. SEO is not something where you apply it and see the immediate results and those who guarantee or claim to get ranked at number 1 positions, I don't know what to say about those SEO professionals or SEO firms??? can think off what they will do :-)

SEO Firm or SEO Experts those who try to achieve rankings using un-ethical ways (there are many ways and every one knows) and doesn't work according to Google Webmaster Guidelines or any search engine guidelines always land up getting banned their websites in SERP's.

Often SEO Experts hesitate to share keywords for which they had optimized there website, morever if an SEO Expert approaches organic & ethical search engine optimization practices, their work will speak over Search Engines. You will find there website/blog on frequent basis in organic search engine listings.

For me I believe there is no such thing to hide from anyone, it may be the keywords or my SEO approach. I don't mind sharing it, I believe it make's me more competitive, thrive me to horn my SEO skills more aggresively and creates a healthier competition among all SEO Experts.


Afzal Khan
Search Engine Marketing Professional


Unknown said...

Its really amazing how you got your ranking back, GoodLuck, you are the Top Seo expert indeed...