Yahoo's is Shutting Down on April 4, 2011

End of Era - Another Search Engine going to be DEAD soon!

When AlltheWeb started in 1999, Fast Search and Transfer aimed to provide their database to other search engines, copying the successful case of Inktomi. Indeed, in January 2000, Lycos used their results in the Lycos PRO search. By that time, the AlltheWeb database had grown from 80 million URIs to 200 million. Their aim was to index all the publicly-accessible web. Their crawler indexed over 2 billion pages by June 2002 and started a fresh round of the Search Engine Size War and had given a good run to GOOGLE.

In February 2003 Fast's web search division was bought by Overture.  In March 2004 Overture itself was taken over by Yahoo!. Shortly after Yahoo!'s acquisition, the AlltheWeb site started using Yahoo!'s database and some of the advanced functions were removed, such as FTP search and direct image search.

In March 2011, Yahoo! stated on the AlltheWeb website that they intend to close the engine. It's sad to see to be a history!

Below is Statement displayed over stating Yahoo! will be closing it, & it will take user to Yahoo Home Page

"Yahoo! will be closing AlltheWeb on April 4, 2011, as we focus on other features to improve your search experience. Starting on April 4, 2011, will redirect to Yahoo! Search at Thanks for your understanding."

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