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Robert Wilhelm Eberhard Bunsen (30 March 1811 – 16 August 1899)[1] was a German chemist. He investigated emission spectra of heated elements, and with Gustav Kirchhoff discovered caesium (in 1860) and rubidium (in 1861). Bunsen developed several gas-analytical methods, was a pioneer in photochemistry, and did early work in the field of organoarsenic chemistry. With his laboratory assistant, Peter Desaga, he developed the Bunsen burner, an improvement on the laboratory burners then in use. The Bunsen–Kirchhoff Award for spectroscopy is named after Bunsen and Kirchhoff. The Robert Wilhelm Bunsen Medal is assigned every year by the European Geosciences Union ( to scientists who provided significant advance in the fields of Geochemistry, Mineralogy, Petrology, and Volcanology.

Robert Wilhelm Bunsen
Born 30 March 1811(1811-03-30)
Göttingen, Kingdom of Hanover, Germany
Died 16 August 1899(1899-08-16) (aged 88)
Heidelberg, Germany
Residence Germany
Nationality German
Fields Chemistry
Institutions Polytechnic School of Kassel
University of Marburg
University of Heidelberg
University of Breslau
Alma mater University of Göttingen
Known for Discovery of cacodyl radical; discoveries of caesium and rubidium; invention of the Bunsen burner; carbon-zinc electrochemical cell; methods of gas analysis; development of spectrochemical analysis
Notable awards Copley medal (1860)

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