Magician Harry Houdini 137th Birthday Google Doodle Logo

Google Celebrating 137th Birthday of Magician Harry Houdini - Google Doodle Logo on 24th March, 2011

Harry Houdini (born Erik Weisz; March 24, 1874 – October 31, 1926) was a Hungarian-born American magician and escapologist, stunt performer, actor and film producer noted for his sensational escape acts. He was also a skeptic who set out to expose frauds purporting to be supernatural phenomena.

Harry Houdini - From Wikipedia

Houdini in 1899
Born Erik Weisz
March 24, 1874(1874-03-24)
Budapest, Austria-Hungary
Died October 31, 1926(1926-10-31) (aged 52)
Detroit, Michigan, U.S.
Occupation Magician, escapologist, stunt performer, actor, historian, film producer, pilot, debunker
Years active 1891–1926

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