Google Holidays Logo 2010 - Displaying St. Basil's Cathedral to Indian Dance Styles Logo

Google Holidays Logo for 2010 Christmas Holidays - This time Google is more creative with it's Doodle. Google home page is displaying multiple culture logos from St. Basil's Cathedral to Indian Dance Styles Logo all in one simultaneously. Google Holiday's Doodle Logo includes 17 cross cultural images in a interactive and awesome manner, each logo image linking to results for a different festive topic and culture combining whole World in one rope (Google Doodle's)

Google Doodle Holidays Logo 2010

Google Holidays logo is a gallery of images linked to facets of Christmas, description of 17 of each single logo image below:-

1. St. Basil's Cathedral
2. Buche de Noel
3. Acropolis
4. Mt. Fuji
5. Great Wall of China
6. Pierogi

7. Sahara Desert
8. Oud
9. Chili Pepper
10. Nepal
11. Venice Gondolas
12. Sydney Harbour
13. Chilean Vineyards
14. Henna Lamp
15. Up on the housetop
16. African Kanga
17. Indian Dance Styles

Check out Google Search Home Page Logo's on previous occasions and get full information on when, why Google displayed different logos at their Home Page (GOOGLE.COM)

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