Google New Highlight Feature: Shows Organic SERP Results look disctinctive with Colored Blue Shaded Box

Google New Highlight Feature: Shows Organic SERP Results look disctinctive with Colored Blue Shaded Box & Website Thumbshot Preview

I was excited and thrilled to be first to blog about Google's new highlight and website thumbnail preview feature at Search Engine Result Page's. I shared this with many of my friend's, but to my strange it's not showing up in many countries/data center's. Probably Google has rolled out it on few selected Data Center's and as always after some testing/feedback's they will push it across all of their data center's. So those who are not seeing it now, get ready to explore it in next few days.

The new feature which Google has introduced at organic SERP's is a new highlight feature to each and every single website listings at organic results. The new Google search engine result page's are shown under a Blue rectangle box with a site preview thumbnail snapshot picture. The new SERP's look's entirely different and it's more interactive and soothing to eye's. has also included such similar feature's and I believe it's Google reply to Bing Feature's. By including a thumbnail preview Google is really edging over Bing in terms of making searcher's experience better.

Google's new website thumbnail preview pic feature is based on a website which I optimized almost 5 years ago, the site was and they were into visual search technology allowing the thumb pic's of website
(Girafa visual search technology allows users to view thumbnail images or pictures of websites listed next to textual links on search result pages).

I am glad to see the project on which I had worked before has been introduced by Google too. It's a big breakthrough for user's with a extra-ordinary experience.

What do you think about Google's this new feature and what's your experience do share your view's/feedback in comment box below. If you also seeing the same, please do share :-)

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Peter Young said...

Another new addition that makes Google look better, nice that they have this now.