Acquired By AOL NEWS

Social news site Propeller is now fully owned and acquired by AOL News. Earlier it was operated by Netscape Communications and AOL Inc.

The concept of Propeller first started on  The propeller idea was led by Jason Calacanis.  Jason Calacanis hired several top users from Digg, Reddit, Flickr, and Newsvine to drive the top stories on using the Propeller as a channel. Now it's no longer available.

Latest Original & Breaking Goodbye-Propeller News & Analysis from AOL News
I was using the from last many years and was member since last 3 years. Webcache of my propeller account "Afzee" It's weired has been taken down without any intimation or email communication to it's user's. All of sudden on October 1st, 2010 it says the Propeller will no longer be active. It's Good-Bye to Propeller and probably user will now make a shift to much better Social media site's like, and etc.

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Propeller is a social news aggregator operated by AOL-Netscape. It is similar to Digg; users can vote for which stories are to be included on the front page and may comment on them as well. As of October 1st, 2010, Propeller will no longer be active.

The Chief Architect of the site was Brian Alvey and the lead developer of the site was Alex Rudolff . It was maintained by Weblogs, Inc. CEO Jason Calacanis until he left AOL in November 2006. The current director is Tom Drapeau. Netscape's market share had been declining for over a year at the time of the change-over.

Propeller was hosted on the domain from June 2006 to September 2007 when it was replaced by the AOL Netscape generic portal.

The previous version of Propeller was released to mixed reactions. Some users liked that they had more participation ability while others found the pages to be harder to navigate and not as structured. Soon after the release of the new site, a story entitled "Netscape's Blunder" was the top rated story.

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