Wondering about http://abuseiam.prom.corp.google.com/

UPDATE  09/09/2010 -  Google has a separate "AbuseIAm" team responsible for identifying & removing abusive content on Google properties.

I use to cross check my blog traffic regularly and often visit those website links which shows at my analytics account to keep track of conversation's why my blog link is included there. I am sure everyone does the same:-)

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Well surprisingly few days ago I noticed a visit from very un-usual link "http://abuseiam.prom.corp.google.com/" which was showing at my Google Analytics Account.

The word "Abuseiam" on a Google domain was something which caught my attention. I had never noticed the visit from such link, but all of a sudden 2 visits in row on consecutive days made me puzzled. Immediately I Googled about it, tried to research about "http://abuseiam.prom.corp.google.com/". Stumbled across Google Webmaster Forum where few people also experienced the same, but there were no concrete answer about what all is "Abuseiam".

On breaking it says "Abuse I am" Wow!!!...What does that mean??? Am I a abuser or I have done something improper or excessively. On doing more in-depth research I found that the IP used was from Google Hyderabad, India office. So it was confirmed that it is something related to Google and it's product like Gmail, Blogger, Youtube etc.

My findings are "http://abuseiam.prom.corp.google.com/" is a "Google Anti-Spam Spider" used by Blogger Content Review Team where they examine all such blog's who had crossed Blogger Guidelines or received complaints or had involved in SPAM, involved in manipulating Google algorithm utilizing Blogger platform generally known as SPLOG.

If you are not involved in all such activites by any mean, you don't need to be worried much with "http://abuseiam.prom.corp.google.com/", but be cautious. I am not worried about them now, coz I have been never involved nor encourage all such practices to game with Google. I am sharing all this learning just to let my blog readers aware of "Abuse I am" if they see at their analytics. Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics, 2nd Edition

Primary reason I beleive which trigger visit from "Abuseiam Link" are:-

1. Knowingly or un-knowingly you are using Blogger.com (Free & Paid Blog Hosted with Blogspot) as a tool for link manipulation or overly some promoting websites.

2. Using blogger as SPLOg or using foul or abusive language or wrongful practice or bad purpose; misuse which are not in accordance with Blogger Guideliness.

3. Someone has filed complaint or used "Report Abuse" option at Blogger.

From above all the 3 scenarios getting trapped under 1 & 2 by Blogger Team is real serious. Be prepared to get your blog down, but if somehow it's the case 3 you have a chance if Blogger puts your blog down...you can contact them to get your Blog Up inline with their Guidelines.

Here's the biggest flaw with option 3 to be victim of false positives. I hope Google or Blogger will look into it more deeply not to take honest blogs down.

By any mean the lesson is if you are serious about blogging...never opt for free blog platforms, whether it's Blogger or Wordpress they all are the same. You never know when they take your Blog off without any reason.

I can understand the pain when all of your efforts, time, hard works invested to get Blog popular goes away without any reason. Yes it's true Blogger or Wordpress will never inform you about all such things. The solution for them is to simply put your blog in-accessible for ever.

So think twice...before using anything which is offered to you for Free!....it all come's with some monopoly.

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Afzal Khan