Google Reveals Google Bot Picture - Google Search Engine Crawler ,Spider Image Pic

I hope you all must have remember on March 05, 2008 Google present's the image of their GoogleBot First Date with the Google Bot

Here's how "GoogleBot" aka "Google Crawler" aka "Google Spider" picture looks like Google shared with the Online World!

  Name/User-Agent: Googlebot
googlebot with flowers

GoogleBot Introduction from GOOGLE

Googlebot -- What a dreamboat. It's like he knows us, and soul.  He's probably not looking for anything exclusive; he sees billions of other sites (though we share our data with other bots as well :), but tonight we'll really get to know each other as website and crawler.

Google Bot Previous Raw Image Picture, Google today announced Google Crawler real image displayed below.

Today Google shared with it's new version of SEO starter guide along with true identity of GoogleBot which was hidden to this world. Join me to Welcome GoogleBot's real picture :-)

Google Bot
Now if you see traces/log of GoogleBot/Spider/Crawler shown at analytics, visited your website, You can imagine GoogleBot Picture the gentlemen who visited your site last night.

Here's our very own Mr GoogleBot - praise him, make him feel happy to better crawl and index your website regularly by implementing best SEO practice, html guidelines, don't try to manipulate your website by using un-ethical tactics.

Googlebot is all their to award your website higher at SERP's if he really like's your work.  Don't annoy Googlebot....let's make it feel good!

Here’s what’s new Google has added to SEO Guide:
* Glossary to define terms throughout the guide
* More example images to help you understand the content
* Ways to optimize your site for mobile devices
* Clearer wording for better readability

You can download new version of Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide Update here. You can find Google's old version SEO Guide in pdf format here.

If you need advanced SEO for your website, please contact any reputable SEO Company or SEO Expert who can help you with better results for your website.

Hope you'll take full advantage of Google's Updated Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide.

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