Google Analytics Intelligence & Custom Analytics Alerts

Google Analytics Feature: Analytics Intelligence & Custom Alerts for Analytics

As we all are aware of Google Analytics which helps us to make a quick, smarter decisions with our site stat's. Google has added one new feature "Intelligence Reports & Custom Alerts" within analytics to explore more with help of setting up Custom Analytics Intelligence and pre-defined automatic Intelligence Alerts.

Intelligence Alerts can help in finding key information for your sites. Analytics Intelligence constantly monitors your website's traffic. Anytime something significant happens, it adds an automatic alert in your Intelligence reports. If your bounce rate suddenly jumps on one of your referrals, Analytics Intelligence creates an alert.

While with the help of setting your own Custom Intelligence Alerts you can digg into lot of useful and handy information from your google analytics account, you can set daily, weekly or monthly intelligence alerts for your sites.

The best way to learn about custom alerts is to try them out on your own data. You can also refer to the articles on Analytics Intelligence in the Google Analytics Help Center.

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You can also learn fromVideo on Analytics Intelligence & Custom Alerts as below:-

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