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So What you know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - Here's the SEOMoz Quiz Test Results which I went through today 0n 21st January, 2010 at 20:30 hours. Well the story behind undergoing SEOmoz test is, I was feeling bored while working, eventually I thought to check Google rankings for my site for some of my optimized keywords. Obviously "SEO Expert" is the keyword for which every SEO Company, Professional wants to get ranked and found in Google top-10 positions.

Here's also another story to share with, actually my site/blog's are already in Google Top-10 results for many of keywords out of them one is "Search Engine Marketing Professional", last night I did some re-optimization and made tweak's in meta tag's for www.afzalkhan.org Home Page to target SEO Expert, Google SEO Experts and all such keyword phrases replacing my already ranking keywords Search Engine Marketing Professional, Online Marketing Professional & Internet Marketing Experts etc. It's basic the rankings for my earlier keywords will drop, and to measure it's effects, to calculate the positioning for newly optimized keywords at Google I was going through Google spider/bot activity and to take a note of last Google cached results of my website. I jumped to check currently ranking websites for "SEO Expert" keyword and during that I found SEOmoz SEO quiz page at Google top-10 listings.

During my earlier days when I was learning and mastering the SEO skills I went through many of such SEO quizes but taking this test was real joy after many years gap. First I wanted to check where do I stand now in industry, and all the SEO knowledge which I gained over a period is up to date now and many more reasons :-)

Well to sum-up, according to SEOmoz this quiz will not take more than 30 minutes, while I completed it in 26 mins (saved 4 minutes...Yippi). While the biggest dis-appointment for me is some wrong answers to questions which I recorded. Between on reading my wrong responses again I realize they were not directly related to SEO, the questions were about Search Engine's in general (I am just trying to motivate myself )...Hmm my short story on SEOquiz ends here. I have marked all of my responses in RED where I went wrong just to make it easier for people who will be next to take on SEOmoz SEO Expert Quiz (No cheating, if you honestly want to check your SEO skills don't see my results). This blog article ends here for those who are going to take SEOMoz Quiz. Good Luck to you all, I would be happy if you can share your score's too. Those who are not interested in taking SEO Quiz and wanted to see what all were the SEO Quiz questions can read entire SEO Quiz Questionnaire here

What I know about Search Engine Optimization - You scored 244/255 points (96%) at first attempt. Better luck next time to score 100% I pat myself :-)

96% Take the quiz at SEOmoz

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Afzal Khan

Search Engine Marketing Professional - SEO Expert