TopRankSEO Blog has got Facelift Surgery

Since we're now in "2009 mode", also I was receiving request from many of TopRankSEO Blog user's to have some changes over Blog.

Somehow I also experienced that the old blog template was messy, code was cluttering, taking huge loading time and were not Web 2.0 compatible. For choosing new blog template, having all of the blog feature's which I was expecting was quite tough. 

Since from last 3-4 days I had downloaded more than 20 templates made enough changes in template codes and features and tried them out, finally landed to current blog theme courtesy  Free Blogger Templates for your Blog. Blogger Templates for free and direct download in xml. 

To all new people who are visiting for first time here's the Earlier  TopRankSEO Blog Design Look was as below:-

TopRankSEO Blog Facelift was overdue and finally it has been completed with all new resource and helpful links, videos and articles to all readers.

Hope you all liked it, do share your views/comments on new blog design.


Afzal Khan