Google Gurgaon India Office-Pics from Google Analytics Conversion Seminar

I am excited to share some of pic's taken at Google, Gurgaon office. I was there on 8th August, 2009 to attend Google's first Analytic Seminar in India.

Everyone of us who attended the Google Analytic Conversion University seminar has enjoyed the great hospitality and kindness received from all of the folks from Google India.

Great insight, tips and help provided by Google Analytic Team, Guest Speakers & Google Panel. It was good learning for me too, we were fortunate to receive,share insights on Google Analytics and many other Google Products like Webmaster Tool, Website Optimizer etc.

I'll come up with my learning at Google Analytics Seminar in future blog posts, for now you can enjoy the pic's.

That's Me :-)


Rashmi The Light oF Fortune said...

Keep continue the articles.Thank you so much...