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When you need quality DVD Duplication, CD duplication, DVD replication and CD replication services, count on the experts at CDROM2GO to deliver!

CDROM2GO provides a variety of services including CD Duplication and DVD duplication with some of the fastest turn times in the industry. Our duplication is done in-house with industrial-grade duplication equipment. Duplicated discs go hand in hand with our PhotoPro thermal print process for a complete product that looks amazing. This is the fastest way to get a small to mid volume quantity of discs produced in a short time.

For quantities over 2000 pieces, ask about our CD Replication and DVD replication services. With replication, the discs are "stamped" in our production facility for a shiny silver look that does not show the data area. This method is used by software companies, video producers, musicians, and other professionals when they a high volume of manufactured discs. It also results in a professional looking disc that is very durable.

In addition to disc production services, CDROM2GO also offers a full selection of duplication equipment for do-it-yourself production. The Accutower brand features CD duplicator and DVD duplicators in various sizes with 1 to 50 recording drives. The most popular CD and DVD duplicator models have 11 recording drives and a high capacity hard disk drive built in.

CDROM2GO also stocks duplication products including inkjet disc printers, thermal disc printers, automated publishers, and more. These products and services (along with a wide variety of disc packaging products) combine to form a one-stop solution for complete disc production.

Whether you want to do it yourself or whether you prefer to let us take care of everything, the duplication experts at CDROM2GO are ready to help you!

To find out more about what we can do for you, please call our team of knowledgeable associates toll-free at 1-877-992-3766.

DVD/CD Duplication process explained by CDROM2GO

DVD/CD duplication and DVD/CD replication process explained by CDROM2GO. Duplication is the process of recording information onto blank discs, CD or DVD, often called burning. The duplication process is often referred to as burning because a laser is used to heat a chemical dye in the disc and literally "burn" marks that will be read as data.

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