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I remember when I bought my first Netbook in 2006, since after I changed few and keep purchasing latest Netbooks and Laptops every year from different manufacturer's. I still retain all of my old Netbooks available with me which after going thru some wears and tears are in okay working conditions I can say.

One thing I always believe in is, if I have the right accessories for my Netbooks it's life will prolong and I can use them for long run without much harm to it's external beauty (scratches etc).

It's important to use and choose the most durable Netbook or Laptop accessories in order to keep them safe. The accessories which I got along with my new Netbooks after some months were in bad shape and the Netbook Case was really suffering due to my usage habit and extensive traveling. I thought to buy new case online and other accessories from some reliable store.

In search of quality products at affordable price I visited around 20-30 sites, just to find my desired Netbook Cases and other Laptop accessories. I tried products from some vendor's out of which one were

The best thing which I liked about is that they carry Netbooks & Laptops from all major popular brands available in market today. Also the collection of Netbook Cases and Netbook Accessories provided by is Aussum. I don't even need to look at other store for any of my Netbook & Laptop related accessories.

I would like to share my experience with you all about Gearzap products. Netbook Cases, Zeroshock Cases and Cool Bananas Cases are few products which I had used from

Netbook Cases

For my HP Mini 2140 Netbook I was looking for a laptop backpack, but one of my friend advices me to buy Netbook Cases rather, so I did.

I bought the Netbook Cases from and it's really cool, it fits on my Netbook completely. Also it has compartments which kept my Netbook completely secure and scratch free.

ZeroShock Cases

The other product which I tried was ZeroShock Cases, they are very valuable for me in many ways, the foremost thing because of it looks and it's affordable price.

I rely completely on ZeroShock Cases, as it offer great flexibility along with assurance of no damages or scratch to my Netbook. ZeroShock Cases is a piece of kit on which I can trust!

Cool Bananas Cases
The other unique product which I liked it by is Cool Bananas Cases, which is really very cute looking and can easily grab the attention while on walk.

The quality of Cool Bananas Cases is they are shockproof and scratch proof hard case which looks cool and also helps in protecting Netbook from bumps and knocks. provides high quality service along with one of largest Netbook & Laptop inventory. For more information about Netbook Cases, please visit online at