Is your site is with .yu domain extension - .Yu Domain will stop working

If you are owner of .yu domain (Yugoslav Internet Domain Registry) or any of your site is hosted with .yu domain. You may need start thinking to switch your site to a new domain.

Recently I read the notification issued by Yugoslav Internet Domain Registry about domain renew will be only for the present .yu domain registrations from 3 November 2008 to 2 March 2009. After that the .yu domains which have not been renewed will be deactivated and will stop functioning on the Internet.

Good news is that Google Team is trying to help out all such site owners who still like to have their site online. Google has prepared some recommendations to make sure that Google keeps crawling, indexing, and serving .yu domain site content appropriately in their SERP's.

You will be interested to read what Google recommends, Google strongly suggest and address some of critical issues with it's solution like what you need to do in order to keep your site available over Internet.

Google has prepared checklist on how to Check your backlinks, Check your internal links & Start moving the site to your new domain with all the best practices to implement and follow when moving your site.

You can read Google Webmaster's Full Article at Watch out for your .yu domain!