Yahoo Glue Pages - Review on Glue Page Search Result in Yahoo! India

If you ever thought of Single Click Internet Search then Yahoo! Glue - Web Search is for you.

Yahoo has launched new search portal in India a couple of days ago, new search results portal page is given name as "Glue Pages" which is in Beta stage.

Screen shot of Yahoo India Glue search page how it looks like and you can visit it by clicking Yahoo Glue Pages India.

I am die hard lover of Google Search Engine, but Yahoo Glue pages certainly leaping over other search engines. Yahoo India Glue is certainly is an step of making your search easy, local, relevant and focused where you don't have to jump over different different websites. Yahoo Glue pages are catering all possible information at single web page.

Whether you are looking for web search result, images, maps, wikipedia, video results, RSS feeds, blog articles, news resources, stock result, sponsored advertisements, Yahoo Answers or Youtube videos, Google Blog articles, Yahoo image search or Yahoo maps evertyhing is available at one place!

Yahoo Glue pages will make your search a single stop webpage by displaying every possible results available over Internet. You can find usual Yahoo! India search or classic search results along with Yahoo India Glue Search.

Screen shot of complete Yahoo Glue page search for "India" is as below where you can see what all Yahoo is catering for it's users to make their internet search experience as smooth as possible.

If you ask my views I'll say I am very much impressed with Yahoo Glue Pages. I am sure Glue beta test will be successful and eventually Yahoo will decide to implement Glue Pages on international Yahoo search portal soon.

So get ready for ultimate internet search experience offered by Yahoo Glue Pages which focus to produce results from multiple platforms.

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Afzal Khan

Search Engine Marketing Professional