Google Co-founder Sergey Brin makes debut to Blogging

Google Co-founder Sergey Brin makes his debut to Blogosphere and has started his personal blog called simply "TOO". Sergey Brin

In his first ever Blog post he writes - "Welcome to my personal blog. While Google is a play on googol, too is a play on the much smaller number - two. It also means "in addition", as this blog reflects my life outside of work". This first post by Sergey Brin has been published on Thursday, September 18, 2008 at 12:00 PM.

In his blog post Brin wrote of his mother being diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease and how testing by 23andMe, a company started by his wife Anne Wojcicki, shows he has a gene mutation that "markedly" increases his chances of getting the illness.

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As we have seen Google search home page which is very simple in design and other aspect, the same is with "Sergey Brin" new blog "TOO" the only difference is of background color which is Black with Blue heading and text color instead of Google's simple white background.

I feel Google Co-founder Sergey Brin is somewhat inspired and like's color combination of CUIL search engine. You can check out by yourself by checking TOO & CUIL

CUIL Search Engine
Sergey Brin Blog - TOO


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