Should a SEO Company Declare Its "SEO Code of Ethics"? - Discussion started by HARITH over

Should a SEO Company Declare Its "SEO Code of Ethics"?

Thought awakening discussion started from Harith on declaring "SEO Code of Ethics". I guess many of we Organic & Ethical SEO Professionals where also thinking in the similar direction but overall appreciated effort by Harith in starting over....

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Its no secrete that the reputation of the SEO industry isn't as many of us wish it to be. The term "snake-oil salesman" has been used few times to describe our industry, unfortunately.

It might be therefore we see some responsible SEO companies found themselves in a position where posting a declaration of a "SEO Code of Ethics" on their sites has been a necessity rather than a luxury. The more the clients and employers (in case In-House SEOes) become SEO-educated the more they would demand of the SEOes to declare, follow and be responsible of a set of "SEO Code of Ethics" which insures the quality, and safety (not to be penalized by search engines) of the SEO works conducted on their sites.

Unfortunately, I have noticed that there is no consensus yet within the industry upon what such "SEO Code of Ethics" to cover and contains.

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Below is my views and comment made over this post

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It is good for companies to declare their "SEO Code of Ethics" on their website but what about those who even after declaring "SEO Code of Ethics" will follow and use un-ethical practices to make their clients fool!

To impress clients all such companies use heavy heavy industry terms and promise guarantee client to deliver No-1 rankings in google either by showing them Sponsered Ad's or implementing some black hat techniques. I can't imagine what all are the things such people do to get customers.

I got fade up dealing with customer's who have looted by so called SEO people. I prefer better not to have any Client's but never will keep people in DARK.

I guess we need to first black list and identify all such SEO firms/Professionals who spoils and ruining name of SEO Industry.

People who want SEO or looking for SEO companies need to educate themselves and understand the real meaning of SEO. I found many SEO Companies and Experts claiming themselves as the best SEO professional but on looking at their back ground they even doesnt know "S" of search engine optimization. All these sites uses *fake screenshots* and *bogus testimonials* claiming to be SEO leader.

It is our task to educate people first that SEO is not that your website will get top position very next day or whatever the fake promises people are doing!

Morever I beleive even after claiming "SEO Code of Ethics" it's individual SEO professional inner voice & individual oath that he/she will follow ethical, honest and best practices to help his Clients not for just making money by following illegimit, un-ethical & spammy practices.

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