Scour - A new search engine Launched - Scour Search Engine

Scour is a new search engine working to evolve search and deliver a much greater value to the User.

It's a great Search Engine where you can view the results from 3 major Search Engines Google, Yahoo & MSN Live at Scour Search Results..

Search--> Contribute--> Get Reward's

While Google, Yahoo, and MSN are incredible search engines, Scour brings all of their greatness together! With Scour, all three engines are searched all at once for you, with the results returned quickly on one page. Every Scour member is able to vote each listing up or down based on its relevance to their keyword as well as comment on their experiences with the site.

Ever spend time searching only to find that the results you need are buried under irrelevant ones? With the Scour voting and comment system, our goal is to introduce the human element of searching allowing you and all other Scour members to speak up and help shape the results with every search.

The top search engines make billions of dollars a year in advertising revenue, wouldn't it be cool if the users got a piece of that too? Enter Scour Points! Every member is awarded one point for every search, two for a vote and three for a comment with a maximum of 4 points a search. Once you aggregate at least 6,500 points you can cash them out for a $25 Visa gift card

Play a part in the Scour community and get rewarded for what you already do!