Happy Independence Day - India Celebrating its 61st Independence Day

Being Indian and Proud to be Indian - I can't let myself down away by not writing about my country and that too on very special occassion of "15th August - Independence Day", I decided to write this blog post by today itself (Ooops - it's 2 am almost) - At the stroke of midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India(myself) will awake to life and freedom :-)

I have been publishing 15th, August Independence Day posts every year started last year to celebrate Independence Day . However you will find my few blog post on Mailindia Blog, since mostly I find myself busy writing posts over SEO Industry related blog.

Read my "Independence Day" full blog post at Mailindia Blog - A blog made for those who appreciate and enjoys natural beauty of India.A phenomenon country with different culture and communities making all together and binding together in one rope of unity - India. - http://mailindia.blogspot.com/