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It was in news since April 2008 that Google is updating it's algorithm. I was keeping eye on the SERP's and haven't experienced such changes till date.

As a routine I check my blog/website rankings for my key targeted terms like "Search Engine Marketing Professional", "Internet Marketing Experts", "Online Marketing Experts", "SEM Expert", "SEO Experts", "Interactive Marketing Professional", "Ethical SEO Expert", "Google SEO Expert" and many more.

My Blogs/website were in top-30 positions and for few keyterms I was in Google Top-5 positions. Till yesterday evening I was doing good for all these keywords and was able to
maintain such rankings from last 1 year. But today surprisingly when I checked the rankings everything was up & down. I experienced the drastic downfall in my rankings.

On 16th July, 2008 Google Fellow Amit Singhal has explained the google ranking algorithm and after that it seems, Google was updating its Algorithm as results are varying drastically on Site Indexing as well as on keyword popularity beside the SERP result for particular site.

I am aware - Google constantly updates SERP's results, constantly indexed the URL's, content to improve the algorithm, but this time Google Update has made a bigger impact.

I know I will again regain the positions by closely analysing & implementing the latest algorithm updates. Overall current updated is more severe and willimpact the other business on larger scale.

I noticed discussion at many SEO Forums with people either complaining or praising a major shift in their rankings over the past 2 days. Major website owner's are complaining the same of loosing rankings to greater extent.

It's time to study in detail and apply SEO strategies with full force. I know Google is kind and will reward me again for my Ethical SEO practices.

Wish to achieve my rankings back as soon as possible.

If anyone else has also experience the same, do share your views, have you seen positive results or not.

Afzal Khan
Search Engine Marketing Professional


Unknown said...

Hi afzal ,
thanks for this post ..i m also analysing google SERP`s .For my site its doing gr8 ..i m getting good positions in so no issue till date . but i m not happy with google SERP its shows irrelevent results also.lets see what happen next..