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Have you seen the Google Search Engine Logo today. You might have seen it but yet not noticed it, yes it has been changed likewise Google always does so. Everytime when there is some special cause or events like Christmas, New Year, Mother's Day, Earth Day or many other Google and other search engine always change their Logo's.

This new logo is "Google First Laser Invention Logo"

What encouraged me & given thought to publish this post is something unique about this LOGO. Previously whenever Google has changed their logo it was always inline with there basic brand identity logo like below:-

Now if you compare it with all other Google Logo's till time they sticked to the above pattern. But this time they came up with "Google Laser Logo" which rejuvenate their Brand.

Have a look at it:-

Isn't it very different from previous Logo's. If google ask me to share my view's I would say it is not that much pleasing & remarkable in comparison to previous ones.

I tried to figure out Google's Message which they might want to convey by displaying this logo. It will be Google is like "Laser Rays" which is intense, coherent, directional and very pure to penetrate and can rule any Industry.

Or Google Search Engine is like that concentrates user search beheaviour into an intense, narrow results by using their Algorithm used to destroy other search engines & un-ehtical results.

But hey wait.....Does Google care for my view's :-)

Supportive Screenshot:

Google's Search Engine ScreenShot taken on 17th May 2008 at 01:05 am (GMT +5:30)

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