How Twitter Works - Learn all about how to use Twitter

How Twitter Works

So how Twitter works it's always a question for new users, even it was the same with when I started.

With patience & my eagerness toward learning new technologies I explored Twitter and it's features to use it at max. It's an real cool tool to use. The time when I started twittering there were not manypeople were using this tool, but goodness Twitter has already created buzz across marketing professionals and bloggers.

Every one is talking about Twitter, I guess you have also received such newsletter'swhere social marketer's and industry professional are talking about how to leverage Twitter technology, and to my belief after Google (the search giant), Twitter-instant online message updates giant (TOMU aka Twitter - Online Message Updating) is favorite of everyone now a days.

I was about to start blog post "How Twitter Works" and see the Twit Magic Works, I found many other guys have already taken the pain of writing about this.

If you are also struggling about Twitter & want to learn "How Twitter Work" do check the detailed article written by Jonathan Strickland at

Here is what you can learn from this Article:-
"How Twitter Works " by Jonathan Strickland

Inside This Article
1. Introduction to How Twitter Works
2. What are Tweets?
3. Twitter's API
4. Twitter on Your Cell Phone
5. Lots More Information

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