Tata Indicom Broadband Service - TataIndicom Worst Service Provider in India

Here comes my 2nd post for this year on internet service provider, whom connection I am bearing just because I was not other options perviously. But at last I found the solution

Well I had written a whole review about "Tata Indicom Broadband - Do more. Live More" at Mouthshut.com

TataIndicom turns me to write about there services, which in other way is good atleast I am back to Mouthshut.com because of them.

Before giving details I want to request all those who read this article, that please don't look for grammatical errors & spelling mistakes, because I have written that review at very fast pace without drafting & doing spell check. So please bear with this, but I am confident you will love to read full article at last. It will let you know how much frustrated I am with Tata Indicom Services.

I don't know I have the right to say or not, but Tata indicom Broadband is spoiling the brand & faith which we are having towards Tata Group. If some Gentlement from Tata Group is reading this article in accident, I would request him to look into this matter otherwise all voer internet you will find bad words about Tata which I think no one will like. So please do something about your Tata Indicom Boradband Divison.

Here is brief of my review at Mouthshut.com:

I’ll start from Tata’s Tag Line which is like "Tata Indicom - Do More. Live More" - Have you seen this.

Offcourse everyone have seen this but to my experience I’ll say " Pay More. Get Nothing - Tata Indicom".
Before proceeding further I want folks to let know about that I had used Airtel BroadBand Connection too, for almost 1 year. I informed this in order to compare customer services, product service and other helps & services of these 2 Internet Service Providers.

I have taken the new Tata Indicom Connection on 28th Nov, 2007 coz I was having very limited options. Like the area where my house is located in Chennai, I don’t have Airtel Broadband. Our locality are having only Sify, Hathway, BSNL & Tata Indicom.

BSNL takes long time for installation & processing so I concentrate on other 3 providers out of which I decided to go with Tata Indicom Boradband on 28th Nov, 2007. To me from 28th Nov all of my trouble started and you can say instead of getting peace at my work, I had invited troubles on my own by taking Tata Services.

You can read the whole review at: http://www.mouthshut.com/review/Choosing_a_DSL_Provider-138193.html

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