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I am back here with First Blog post for Year 2008. After receiving many emails from blog readers who visitis my ToprankBlog and requested me to write a post, it feels good when my readers ask me to write something & they enjoy reading all those stuff. On my part I want to inform you all Folks that I was very busy all these days with my job and other important ventures.

And what a great node to start with recognition and feedbacks received from People all over from Internet who doesn't belongs to Internet Marketing Communtiy. Here is what I want to share with you all.

Ranjan Varma - Well known blogger & author writing articles about Business Management and Personal Finance.

News which I want to share is he has listed my Blog posts on his "My Top Blog Posts of 2007"

My Top India Blog Posts 2007 are (not necessarily in any order, all of them are fabulous!)
The Journey Within by Rashmi Bansal.
United Colors of India by Deepta Kirti. Gautam Ghosh pointed this one out to me.
30 by 30 by Gaurav Mishra is audacious.
On Indian Journalism by Atanu Dey
In defence of blogging by Amit Varma
The middle muddle of Indian monetary policy by Ajay Shah
Tell me your dreams by Ideasmithy
Listen, let me tell you a secret by Melody Laila.
A political game show by Amit Varma again.
Trust you with my money? I don't think so! by Sidin Vadukut.
Narayan Murthy's view on staying late in office by Afzal Khan.
The age of profound ignorance by Atanu Dey
A rant on writing by Neha Vishwanathan
Build a successful blog by the poster boy of India blogging, Amit Agarwal.
Coase and Kansa by Aadisht.
Every experience is designed to make you stronger! by Melody Laila.

And if you want to learn & know more about of financial information and investment tools visit his Ranjan Varma's Blog at

Have Fun & Keep Blogging.

Afzal Khan
Internet Marketing & SEO/SEM Professional

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