Blogspot domains blocked in India!

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Recently came to know about a very sad news for Indian Bloggers, those who are using blogger as a main platform for Blogging.

Blogs are blocked in India

Well I certainly don't think that
have been blocked in India. I am able to access my blogs daily and not faced as such trouble in using that yet. Might be Indian Government is tried to block in some region/state. Which is also right, coz many terrorist are using such facilities in communicating with each other. Like wise reports has also coming to banned in stopping terrorist hijacking identity of innocent users. But whatever the reason may be, it has been reported by many prominent & Professional Indian Bloggers & raised the issue of this problem.

I am also with them, coz no body has right of stopping Blogger's to write & publish their views. It has become an daily routine for every Blogger & without blogging, it seems something missing in my life. Every Indian blogger or rather say every Blogger is against such step.

I am quoting down the Article which I found through search.

Well, recently internet users in India are not able to access those blogs which are hosted by blogspot or have a domain name which ends with

Jason Goldman has confirmed this in the Blogger Buzz and if that is the case then this is a very serious issue as many well know bloggers from India use Blogger as their blog platform.

Well, people are not sure about the reasons for the block and everybody is keen to know the reasons of it and some of them are relating the ban to the Mumbai Blasts.

Well, whatever the reasons are for the ban, I am sure that Google will try its level best to take this Ban away because they are finding India as one of the biggest sector and customer base in almost every service they are offering.

Also one the first Professional Indian blogger Mr. Amit Agrawal has also quoted and raised his voice against blocking of blogger and other Blog hosting sites in India.

I am very much impressed by him and regularly reading his blog at Digital Point. He has came up with great resource and alternative solution to read Blocked blogs in India. Great efforts dude, you can read the whole article at Blogspot Blogs Banned in India: Read Tricks To Access Blocked Websites

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