Precharge Projectnet SEO Contest

MEGA SEO Contest - Guys an Blasting news for you all those who readign my Blog regularly there an SEO Contest is running on and th details are written below, you can also check this at SEOCompetition Blog

Precharge Projectnet SEO Contest, The Exact Phrase - "precharge projectnet"
The Goal - to drive attention to the ever increasing problem surrounding the biggest challenge we may ever face. Everyday, people in Washington DC and all over the country are trying very hard to limit the exponential growth that the internet continues to have. These limitations may forever change the way we work and play online and preCharge believes this challenge needs some serious exposure before it's too late.

Contest starts Sunday August 19, 2006 and ends December 19, 2006. (duration is approximately 4 months) - Just in time for an extra special holiday surprise. We will even guarantee payment by December 24th, 2006 via Western Union or PayPal.

The URL who ranks highest on Google with a domain registered on or after August 19, 2006 wins for the phrase "precharge projectnet".

Good Luck for you all people and for me too as m also participating for this contest.


Afzal Khan